Language Learning Software

Today’s language-learning software allows users to exploit all kinds of information via their computers, tablets and phones. Learning a new language isn’t just necessary for travel, it can give you a big head start if you’re going into online business.

Learning a new language or improving an existing one has never been easier. Smartphone applications and websites provide learning techniques, games and immersive lessons. These educational, fun and easy-to-use tools will allow you to chat in the language of your choice in no time at all.



It is often said that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it body and soul. After all, isn’t that how babies learn to speak? Without a doubt, it’s an unparalleled technique for understanding the ins and outs of a new language.

However, it’s not always the easiest to put into practice. That’s where Rosetta Stone comes in. This software will immerse you in a simulated environment thanks to a Dynamic Immersion method. This technique exploits interactive activities and contextual lessons that result in accelerated learning. This method will allow you to retain much more information than if you were stupidly learning a boring list of vocabulary.

Rosetta Stone can be used to learn a significant number of languages, including German, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic. Not only will you speak like a local person, but you will give the impression of being one. This software will help you refine your pronunciation with speech recognition functions. Rosetta Stone is ideal for busy people. Available on any electronic device, and smartphone users have access to an award-winning application.


Babbel is the world’s best-selling language learning application. The application has lessons created by language experts, and audio tracks made by native speakers. The learning process incorporates interactive dialogs in simulated situations and speech recognition to ensure your pronunciation is correct.

This level of realism will provide you with a realistic experience that is out of the ordinary. Once your lesson is complete, personalized feedback and critique sessions are available to improve your memorization of the information you have learned.

Babbel takes care of everyone’s needs. You can choose lessons from specific categories, including business and travel. The lessons are available in formats of just 10 minutes, making it easy for you to learn whenever you want in your busy day.


Bussu was developed to make it easier for busy people to learn a new language. The idea behind this software is to teach someone a language with daily sessions of only 10 minutes. Busuu offers more than 1,000 lessons created by language experts. These sessions are enhanced by machine learning technology that concocts personalized work plans and voice recognition. Choose from a wide range of choices including Polish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, German and Chinese.

The company now has a global community of over 90 million students. Members have the opportunity to teach or learn new things from each other. Users can submit and send feedback on written or oral lessons made by other members.

Busuu can be used on desktops, laptops and smartphones and is available on iOS and Android. The software is not very expensive.


Learn a new language while meeting new people all over the world. HelloTalk is a free instant messaging application with over 15 million users in 150 languages. Native speakers will teach you their language, and you will teach them yours in exchange! HelloTalk works on the principle that the best way to learn a language is to speak it. Talk with other members individually or in large conversation groups. HelloTalk will enhance the learning process with built-in language learning tools that automatically translate and correct text.

Learning about HelloTalk is not limited to the written word. You can test your skills with voice recordings, voice calls and video calls. The “Moments” feature will allow you to publish public messages to all speakers of your chosen language. You can share your thoughts and questions with millions of people in a single message.


Transparent Language Online is a comprehensive language learning tool for independent learning. This software is ideal if you are rigorous about learning a new language and will help you achieve all your goals. It is great for those who impose conditions on themselves and want to break down language barriers independently.

The software offers more than 100 different languages and would like to add more. After completing their welcome lesson, it is up to you to make your own learning path. The core activities to build your skills will facilitate your learning with activities based on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Your progress will be tracked using the words you have learned and turn diagrams that will serve as a visual source to motivate you.

Start with lessons on the alphabet, work on your grammar and continue your vocabulary learning. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more with the word of the day!


Duolingo is one of the most popular learning applications on the market. It is financed through advertising, but your new skills are worth a few unwanted distractions. Duolingo is an interactive, easy and fun way to learn new languages such as German, Japanese, Swedish and Mandarin Chinese.

The software features a game-oriented learning method. You will feel like you are improving with each session. You will earn points for correct answers and you will increase your “level” over time. Your motivation will be at its peak as you collect coins and see your fluency score increase in the language.

Your weaknesses will be quickly identified through an instant scoring system. The software will help you overcome these difficulties with the help of custom-made exercises and personalized learning.


Memrise has transformed language learning into a series of mobile games and fun lessons. It is the exact opposite of learning with a textbook. This award-winning application features thousands of video clips. These short clips will grab your attention without cluttering up your brain with too much information.

More than 42 million people use the lessons in the form of Memrise games. Learn all kinds of languages including Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more. The application has separate categories for each language including Art & Literature, History & Geography, General Culture and Math & Science.